UIUX实习生 UIUX Design Internship

NESTMII GROUP INC 创立于 2015 年,由于其超高的颜值以及创新滋补品,深受对生活品质有追求的用户喜爱,持 续在各大社交平台,留学生圈走红,7年来回购率高达 89%!我们的目标是通过 NESTMii传承亚洲千年滋养文化,通 过传统滋养产品赋予新的活力,创造革命性的优雅生活方式。 目前公司也受到各界资本市场的关注,随着品牌影响 力的逐渐增加,希望招募更多人才一起创造奇迹。

候选人可以将简历和/或求职信通过电子邮件发送到 hr@nestmii.com,并在标题注明申请的职位。

· 协助设计线框图和交互地图
· 协助规划、测试和实施新设计
· 设计并呈现视觉设计理念
· 协助技术和业务演示文稿的开发
· 为新产品创意创建原型和/或用户流程
· 优化和/或归档现有的用户界面设计
· 对字体排版、布局和色彩理论有很好的理解
· 拥有平面设计、交互设计、人机交互或相关领域的学士学位或更高学历
· 能够在快节奏的环境中与他人有效合作,满足截止日期和目标
· 解决问题的能力
· 自我激励、有组织、注重细节且积极主动
· 高度注重细节和紧迫感
· 在UI/UX设计师或类似职位上有经验,并拥有展示相关设计项目的强大作品集。

NESTMii Group Inc. was founded in 2015 specializing in the production of edible bird nests desserts. Our products are finely crafted from first-rate Indonesian bird nests during the rainy season, using a unique technique to retain maximum nutrients in the tonic. Our consumer base is centralized in the bay area, but we also provide our products and services nationwide. Up till this date, NESTMii has accumulated 3000+ users over the past seven years, with a repurchase rate as high as 89%! We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and quality services, and our goal is to inherit the Asian millennial nourishing culture through NESTMii and give new vitality through traditional nourishing products, creating a revolutionary and elegant lifestyle.



· Support the web department in the design, maintenance and development of our website

· Create the website layout and functionality using the templates and design resources

· Ensure consistent and excellent performance on all major devices/browsers, including fast load times & bug-free core functionality

· Construct design solutions with designers & marketers with a focus on improving website usability

· Troubleshooting web interface issues and resolve template functionality issues



· A good understanding of typography, layout, color theory

· Bachelor‘s degree

· Experience with Shopify & Shopify Plus platform

· Basic web development skills for web and email design

· Knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript is a plus.

· Previous internships is a plus